Wastewater treatment plants

our proposals of the water treatment technologies comply with the relevant legal regulations, the investor´s requirements as well as the specified demands on the treatment efficiency. The physical, chemical and/or biological methods adopted by us within the treatment technology provide for reliably reducing the amount undesirable matter in the wastewater being treated. Wastewater related activities of SIGMAINVEST spol. s r.o.:


  • municipal wastewater treatment plants
    • small WWTP, PE 1 000 - PE 10 000
    • medium-size WWTP, PE 10 000 - PE 100 000
    • large WWTP, above PE 100 000
  • industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • wastewater treatment sludge disposal systems


ČOV Mladá Boleslav IČOV Holešov


  • studies, expert examinations of existing conditions
  • proposals (project designs) of wastewater treatment plants
  • proposals (project designs) of individual technological stages, technological units and components of wastewater treatment systems
  • technological supplies
  • erection and erection supervision
  • testing, commissioning, trial operation
  • guarantee and post-guarantee service



Technological stages of wastewater treatment process