Basic informations

Type of project

under MWRI-MED Pumping Station Rehabilitation Program


Commission range


Gharb El- Borolos

Pump type 1400-AQPS-1251-68
No. of units 5
Total delivery head [m] 5,6 m
Flow per unit [m3/sec] 5 m3/s
Extent of delivery PD+DT+M
Year commissioned 2018

Reference description

PS New Construction of Gharb El-Borolos, Egypt

(under MWRI-MED Pumping Station Program)

Design, delivery of the equipment, supervision of erection, testing and commissioning. Equipment:  5 pcs of the  pumps, gearbox and electrical motor - inclined position of 45°. Pump type and parameters: 1400 -AQPS-1251-68 (axial flow), Q= 5 m3/sec, H = 5,6 m. Motor parameters: 6,6 kW ; 400 kW. Pumping station has been in process of operation in garancy period.